Sunday, June 26, 2011

Two month pictures

So, as I am getting ready to do my THREE month pictures, I am finally posting my TWO month pictures. I just don't know where my time goes these days. My kids, my husband, ME. When you start demanding to have more ME time, time really does get away from you.

I have started a water aerobics course. Fun. Not really hard for me though. I love the water, I grew up in the water. It's just not that difficult for me. So, I continue to do my cardio on the eliptical and treadmill. Lots of people say to me "Isn't it just falling off!?!?" Meaning the weight of course. My answer: NO. I am working so hard at what I am doing. I am trying to be healthy and fit as well as lose the weight. It makes a difference. So I feel like I have deserved the 46-odd pounds that I have lost. I am 4 weeks out from my 4 month visit with my doctor. We shall see then how I am really doing!

Day Zero, ~30 days, and ~60 days Day zero, ~30 days, and ~60 days

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